April, 2019

Easter is upon us!

It is almost Easter everyone so that means we are gearing up for our 4th box.  I mean, Easter is about more than just our 4th box, but, well, you know what I mean.  🙂

As always you will find two wonderfully written books that will fill your Springtime evenings with dark pleasure.  If we can fit a 3rd book in the box we will!!!  We are gearing up for a t-shirt – just trying to figure out how to get everyone’s size.  Let us work on that.  If this works out – it will be SUPER cool.  I’m sure we will throw in a few other choice morsels as well – so get your order in NOW!!!!

How it works?

Every other month, our specially selected set of curators will pick a theme. After chosen, this theme will guide the creation of the entire box from selecting the included novels to supplemental items we hope you will enjoy. Think of them as your sommelier (that guy or gal who pairs your wine with your food at a fancy restaurant) of the written word.

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A literary guru will craft a genre-filled experience for you!


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Two novels with a specific genre and multiple add-on items that fall into the same theme!


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Twitterstone is made up of genre fans who deliver the same quality that they’d love to receive!

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